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The UM Aquaculture Program has a nutrition research component that provides scientific and technological assistance to companies dedicated to marine finfish aquaculture. We have identified the lack of biologically efficient feeds for the growout of a variety of high-value marine fish species as a serious constraint on the long-term ecological and economic viability for production of these species. Since little basic and applied research has been conducted to develop diets tailored to the biological needs of larger size fish we concentrate our efforts on the larger size range which is found in the latter part of commercial fish production.  This latter part of the production process is where the greatest environmental and economic costs are incurred.

The goal of the nutrition research within the UM Aquaculture Program is to determine optimal levels of fish meal replacement with alternative protein sources, based on the nutritional requirements of larger fish and digestibility of the diets and ingredients. By transferring this technology to commercial operations, the UM Aquaculture Program aims to create a more sustainable and cost effective aquaculture industry for the future.